One Night of Elvis: Lee ‘Memphis’ King

“A remarkable Elvis tribute show,” claim critics. One Night of Elvis: Lee Memphis King is a tribute show to the one and only Elvis Presley. Lee Memphis King provides an unforgettable night of performances that match the sound, dance and charisma that Elvis brought to the stage.

Elvis’ greatest hits, spanning from 1969 to 1977, are on display with Lee singing “Heartbreak Hotel” and “The Wonder of You.”

Lee will also surprise the crowd with lesser known songs from Elvis’ discography. The night is filled with amazement as Elvis’ costumes come to life thanks to Gene Doucette. Gene is the world’s best costume creator when it comes to Elvis. He is the same man who created Elvis’ costumes when he was alive, so he is able to recreate the magic of Elvis like no one else in the world.

Authentic in every way, Lee provides fans with an unforgettable performance that is filled with flare, energy and the best hits from Elvis himself.

Lee Memphis King uses every ounce of his passion and ability to emulate Elvis in his prime. He dances like Elvis – even with his amazing hip swings – sings like Elvis and will sacrifice a little of his vocal ability during the show to impersonate Elvis on stage.

Lee embodies the passion of Elvis like a man possessed on stage. He takes the microphone, jokes sometimes and also involves the audience. He has energy that, for even a split second, will fool the crowd into thinking the real King is back on stage.

The show is broken down into two beautiful acts with the first act starting with Elvis’ first songs in the 1960s. Act II is where the show progresses to Elvis’ performance in Vegas in the early 70s. The sound and period are brought right to the stage with highlights including “Always on My Mind” and “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

Audience members will be on their feet the entire time with Lee Memphis King often getting a standing ovation by the end of the show. It’s a night of magic on stage, and it’s a tribute to Elvis and his worldwide following.

It’s as close to the “real thing” as anyone can offer.

Lee is considered a “star” with the ability and courage to go out on stage and impersonate the one and only Elvis during his prime – when he was an untouchable star on stage. Elvis’ friends claim that when they close their eyes during the performance, they could feel Elvis on stage.