Pubs in Glasgow

Scottish ale is always on tap in Glasgow. Bars and pubs are littered across the city, and the best pubs are filled with fun, world-class ale and great patrons. The top pubs in the city include:

The Bungo Bar and Kitchen

The Bungo Bar is on the South Side off Nithsdale Road. This bar’s kitchen far surpasses traditional pub food, and local suppliers allow the pub’s menu to change daily. But if you’re here for cocktails and wine, there’s plenty to pick from.

There are:

  • Classy Cocktails
  • White Wine
  • Red Wine

An exceptional list of wines and cocktails provides a great break from shopping and sightseeing on the South Side.


The Speakeasy is on John Street and is open 5pm – 3am Wednesday through Saturday. A true pub, Speakeasy offers a robust menu of cocktails to meet everyone’s taste. A sampling from the pub’s drink menu includes:

  • Cocktails
  • Sharers
  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Wine

You’ll find bottled beers like Miller and Heineken, and Tennent’s and Estrella on the beer and cider menu. A variety of wines are on the menu, too. Cocktails include Woo Woo, Bellini, Spiced Coladas and more.

A wide array of pub food and desserts is available.

Toby Jug

The Toby Jug is located on Hope Street, and is a lovely bar frequented by locals when they get out of work. The welcoming bar is an iconic, homely pub that has a lavish beer garden. A great selection of local beer and ale are offered at an affordable price.

This is a pub to drop in for a drink or two.

The scotch pie is delightful, and cheap one pound beers are on the menu. This is a great place to start your night out on the town. If you’re going to the pub on a Saturday night, be forewarned that the Toby Jug is often overflowing with patrons.

The Station Bar

The Station Bar is in Cowcaddens, which is in the city centre. The bar is a must-visit, and a lot of tourists and locals enter the Station Bar due to its central location. The staff is welcoming and friendly, and the pub’s efficiency is one of the best in the city.

Pubs like the Station Bar are disappearing quickly, and offers a reminder of what a true pub should be.

The pub is a quintessential local bar that has cartoon drawings along the walls. As far as the food goes, the chicken salad and chili are delightful. A true hidden gem, this bar offers a variety of hearty foods and a large selection of ales, including:

  • Cask
  • Abbot
  • Deuchars

This is a pub that can trace its origins back 160 years.

The Pirn Inn

The Pirn Inn is off Banker’s Brae and offers a full bar with an exceptional kitchen. Great food, ale and service make this a local favorite. A variety of entertainment is offered throughout the week, and the staff goes out of their way to make every guest feel welcome.

The rice and sweet and sour sauce are a local favorite.

The interior fireplace is kept on during the colder months, and the exterior is welcoming. The bar is stocked with local drinks and an array of wines. You can go to the Inn for a quick drink or sit down for an entire meal.

St. John Moores Pub Glasgow

St. John Moores Pub is on Hope Street. This pub is known for its great ale and prosecco, but the food is top-notch, too. Patrons line up at the pub’s doors for breakfast while enjoying quick and prompt service.

Ciders and beer are plentiful, and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Affordable prices and a cosy interior are mixed with great food, service and a good selection of beer at St. John Moores.

Windsor Tavern

The Windsor Tavern is on Dumbarton Road and is another great pub in the West End. Prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly. Clean and tidy, the pub is a great place to sit down and relax. A great range of drinks are offered by a friendly, helpful staff that puts their focus on details.

The pub was established over a century ago, allowing for a rustic, true pub feeling.

Cheap food is available, and the venue is very busy on Friday and Saturday due to karaoke. Live sports are also played on the television.

Rosevale Tavern

The Rosevale Tavern is also located on Dumbarton Road. The tavern and lounge is a good option for a quick drink. You’ll walk through the door with a sudden appreciation of an old quality pub. Prices are great, and the staff are friendly.

Located in the West End, the pub has rustic booths and a great selection of beer and ciders.

The tavern’s West End location make it a great option to stop in and have a bite to eat or some ale before exploring the rest of the city. Numerous pubs and bars are also within a 5-minute walk from the tavern.