Scottish Ballet: The Nutcracker

The Scottish Ballet brings The Nutcracker back to the stage in a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Performances are available from early December through 3 February 2018. The tour will make stops in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Newcastle.

The magical family classic comes to life, with the Sugar Plum Fairy, snowflakes, toy soldiers and a night of dancing.

The show runs for 2 hours with one, 20-minute interval.

Audience members are transported to the land of dreams, with beautiful costumes that Tchaikovsky would be proud of in his own performances.

Act I opens with the Colonel and his wife throwing an extravagant Christmas Eve party for their two children. Clara and Fritz, the couple’s children, are joined by friends and family that arrive at the house to celebrate Christmas. Dancing fills the stage, as the children are moments away from receiving their presents.

The Christmas tree is revealed, everyone is happy and then something magical occurs: Drosselmeyer arrives: A magician. His entrance changes the entire mood. He brings entertainers with him to perform for the children. His gift to Clara is one of magic: a handsome nutcracker Prince.

Fritz breaks the nutcracker as all of the children were having fun and dancing around with their new toys. The nutcracker is mended quickly. The night remains calm after the nutcracker is broken. The servants put out the candles. The room goes into darkness. Clara can’t sleep.

The Nutcracker fills her mind as she goes into the dark room to retrieve her toy. But something is different. The clock strikes midnight, and Clara falls to the ground with the nutcracker in her hand, entering a deep sleep.

Drosselmeyer appears and transforms the nutcracker into a real prince. He leads the battle of the toy soldiers against the evil King Rat.

Vibrant and magical with every step, The Nutcracker is a timeless classic that the Scottish Ballet brings to the stage. The Land of Sweets is a magical event that will thrust kids into the magical land of sweets as well as their parents.

The events will leave the audience wondering if the night’s events were a dream, did they really happen, or was it another trick?

Was this just another trick by the clever magician? The perfect Christmas classic, The Nutcracker is a story of love, magic and mystery. The Scottish Ballet restores the bauble appeal of the original. The Ballet has restored the show’s “sparkle” with an unforgettable performance.